• Maxicoral A&B professional mineral blend for reef aquariums

    Healthy, colourful coral in a marine or reef aquarium is extremely attractive to look at. MaxiCoral A & B are essential products to help achieve healthy, colourful corals.

    MaxiCoral A & B form an ideal professional mix with more than 40 trace elements, which enrich the saltwater. MaxiCoral A & B have been developed after careful analysis of saltwater samples from various (tropical) regions at varying depths. An average ideal mix was taken from these analyses, taking into consideration the demonstrable use of the various elements. This has been translated into more than 40 elements which have been combined together in MaxiCoral A & B, prefectly suited for reef aquariums with hard corals and other lower animals.

    MaxiCoral A & B must be used together to prevent a deficiency in essential minerals. 

    MaxiCoral A contains, amongst other things, a strontium/barium complex, Mg, Mn, Fe, Mo, Li, Rb, Cr, Co, Cu, Zn, Ni and Se.

    MaxiCoral B contains, amongst other things, a fluorine/iodine mix, bromine, potassium and boron..

Weekly 10 ml per 300 litres water

Packaging quantities

250 ml - 500 ml