Why black bottles?

No doubt everyone has noticed the switch from white to black bottles. It was a deliberate move, and not for cosmetic reasons.

Transparent, brown or opaque bottles?

Many products whose content needs to retain its quality come in bottles that are not transparent but dark brown. Consider in this regard bottles of medicine or vitamins. Often the packaging features the words "Store in a cool, dark place". The aim here is to prevent light penetration, which could adversely affect the integrity of the product.

Photodegradation due to light

Light is energy that is largely visible to the human eye.

The shorter the wavelength, the more energy the light contains. UV (ultraviolet) light is found on the left of the spectrum and cannot be perceived by the human eye. UV light contains the most energy and considerably accelerates photodegradation.

Photodegradation is the breakdown of light-sensitive substances or molecules, with an attendant adverse effect on their function or composition. Which is why such substances as medicines, hormones or plant-derived additives are stored in dark brown or opaque bottles.

All light has an effect

It is a misconception that only UV light has an effect on the content of the product. Even normal visible light (400-700 nm) causes photodegradation, albeit at a slower rate than UV. Consequently, a bottle or packaging that comes with a UV blocker will be insufficient to preclude all detrimental effects.

Photosensitive substances in Easy Life products: from white to black bottles

Easy Life products are incorporating an increasing number of natural and plant-derived active ingredients that are potentially sensitive to light (photosensitive). Consider in this regard certain hormones or special plant extracts. To some extent or other these ingredients are photosensitive and light could serve to accelerate their degradation. In view of the fact that we always strive towards long-lasting, stable quality, there is only one way of optimally countering light-induced degradation, and that is the use of black bottles that are 100% lightproof!

Black bottles do not allow any UV or visible light through, thereby preventing light-induced degradation. This is not the case with transparent or light-coloured bottles (white, yellow, red, green, blue, etc.); after all, they always still allow a certain quantity of light of various wavelengths through. And so the black bottles guarantee that the product will preserve its quality and efficacy, even if the bottle has been sat in a warehouse, on a shop shelf or in the cabinet at home for a protracted period.